Awards & Exhibitions timeline

Ira Chaudhuri studied fine arts at Santiniketan, (1949), and intermittently practiced pottery at Baroda’s Faculty of Fine Arts (1951-70). She taught for a year (1963-64) at the Pottery section at the Faculty in Baroda. In 1976, at the Garhi Studios she switched from earthenware to stoneware pottery. She was a guest potter at the Rural Reconstruction Department at Santiniketan in 1978, and taught pottery at University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 1980-81. She held her first solo exhibition in 1979 and the latest was her retrospective exhibition in 2015. She was awarded best potter of the year in 1995 by all India fine art and craft society. She has exhibitted her pots and ceramics all over the world. She stays and work in Delhi.


1995 Best Potter of the Year, All India Fine Art and Crafts Society
2006 Honoured by Delhi Blue Pottery Trust for contributions in the field of Studio Pottery
2014 Felicited New Delhi, Municipal Committee on the occasion of their centnary.


1979 1st Solo exhibition, Mumbai – Jahangir Art Gallery with Sankho
1979 Solo exhibition, New Delhi – A.I.F.A.C Gallery
1982 Triveni Kala Sangam, Group exhibition, New Delhi
1983 A.I.F.A.C – Gallery ‘The porters & their day’
1983 Solo exhibition, New Delhi – Garhi Studios – Saroj Pal Paintings
1984 Joint exhibition with P. Daroz, Vadodara – Urja Art Gallery – Fine Arts Exhibition Hall
1985 Group show sponsored by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Tito- grad, Bonn and Vienna
1986 Group exhibition, New Delhi – Garhi Gallery
1987 Solo exhibition, Kolkata – Chitrakoot Gallery – with Sankho Chaudhuri
1988 Garhi Gallery – All India Fine Arts and Crafts exhibition, London
1989 Jahangir Art Gallery exhibition of Creative Crafts, Mumbai
1984 – 1995 All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society’s All India Potters show
1990 Group exhibition, New Delhi
1991 Group exhibition, New Delhi
1991 Indian section of the British Council’s exhibition, Colours of the Earth
1992 Group exhibition, New Delhi – L.T.G. Art Gallery – Ceramics 6 Studio
1992 Solo exhibition, New Delhi – Triveni Kala Sangam Courtyard
1994 Group exhibition, Pune – Sakshi Gallery – Jyotsna – Ira – Kristine – Amrita
1994 Solo exhibition, Mumbai, Cymroza Art Gallery
1994 Solo exhibition, New Delhi – Triveni Kala Sangam
1996 Solo exhibition, New Delhi – Garhi Studios, Lalit Kala Akademi
1997 Group exhibition, New Delhi
1998 Group exhibition, Mumbai – Cymroza Art Gallery & Delhi Blueddin
1998 Solo exhibition, New Delhi, Garhi Gallery – Garhi Studio
2000 Solo exhibition, Vadodara – Nazar Gallery
2001 Group exhibition, People for Animals, New Delhi
2001 Solo exhibition, Art Heritage, New Delhi – Ira Chaudhuri : Ceramics
2003 Group Show, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi
2005 Resonance, exhibition organized by Lalit Kala Academy on the occasion of the closing ceremony of their Garden Jubilee
2006 Group Show, Ahmedabad
2007 International Biennale, Korea
2007 – 2008 Indo Korean exhibition in Chennai and New Delhi
2007 – 2008 Harmony Foundation exhibition, Mumbai
2008 Group Show, Ahmedabad – Indian Ceramics Today Lemongrasshopper Gallery, Ahmedabad ni gufa
2008 Group Show, New Delhi
2009 Solo exhibition, New Delhi – Garhi Studios Lawn
2009 ‘1001 Cups’ exhibition, New Delhi, Swiss Arts Council travelling exhibition to India, China, Korea, France + Switzerland Art & Soul Gallery
2010 Group show of the Ceramic Centre, Vadodara, at Mumbai
2011 Group Show, Art Heritage
2012 Exhibition of International Ceramists, Vadodara
2012 Mati Bhopal
2014 Exhibition at Bhopal Pottery Market at Gauhar Mahal – Jyotsna & Daroz
2015 Ira Chaudhuri : Retrospective – Vadodara, Ceramic Centre + Red Earth
2015 Group show – Vivante Gallery, New Delhi
2016 Group Show of Indian and Korian ceramics, New Delhi
cymroz exhibition 1994
triveni 1994
retrospective exhibition 2015
new delhi 1985
naza gallery 2000