Folk and tribal art

Discover how folk and tribal art has influenced her pots.

The study and organic rhythms of nature and folk/tribal, rural life that stamped its influence on a generation of Modern masters of India who worked in Santiniketan, ethics and ideologies ingrained and last but not least those inspired calligraphic patterns that Rabindranath Tagore wove onto his sheets of writing.

I have always admired the design of folk and tribal artefacts, not necessarily on pots. Could be any object or textile. The simplicity of 'sophistication' of these designs are hard to beat.

I have been most influenced by pre-Columbian and Oceanic designs, and these help me form the basis of many of my surface decorations–but not all of them.

Chaudhuri has drawn inspiration from the joy and simplicity of folk designs, which in themselves are grounded in the joy of life and its land. Chaudhuri's use of colour follows the earthy tones in nature where there is no ambition to focus on glazes but merely to achieve an intended ethos.