Find out how scratched and scraped graphics have become Chauduri’s forte.

Ira Chaudhuri has always been interested in ceramic chemistry. Once while experimenting with some oxides, she just tried scratching a layer of glaze to see the effect.

I had started doing Sgraffito around 1980 which was very basic and it eventually became more complicated. I collected various recipes for slips and adapted them to my needs, trying larger pots to afford more scope for patterns.

Ira Chaudhuri

Her organically devised freehand virtuoso sgraffito marks are guided to reveal motifs loaded with notions of geometry, space and nature on the dimension of a vessel teasing the meanings of both the inside and out.

Trupti Patel

Ira Chaudhuri activates surface and form with a serial play of indented, scraped, scratched graphic, even simulating symmetry at times, but usually breaking the symmetry within the logic of its code.

Nilima Shaikh